March 4, 2023

Here’s how we’re selecting our projects

Here at Planet Wild, we are dedicated to supporting the most innovative, ambitious and fearless biodiversity projects across the globe. Together we can bring back endangered species, clean up our oceans, restore forests, and rewild entire landscapes — but we need your help!

Through the contributions from our dedicated members, we can connect with organizations, nonprofits and hard working pioneers on the ground who are involved in direct action to save our ecosystems.

Every member that signs up to Planet Wild can vote on how we spend the money, chat with our team and other members through our app and Discord channel, and check our financial report at the end of the year. You are involved from start to finish.

To make sure we can deliver on our promises to you, the missions we embark upon go through a strict selection process to make sure that your cash goes as far as possible.

Our selection criteria consists of six key points that every project we partner with has to follow.

💪 Impactful & effective

Each of the projects we work with must be able to deliver meaningful impact — and back it up with hard data. Project teams must be able to effectively monitor and evaluate progress over time. This could involve gathering environmental data, or measuring changes in community attitudes and/or behavior.


The projects we partner with must demonstrate a positive impact to the natural world that would not have been possible otherwise. The projects we work with are making real, tangible, actionable change.

📋 Track record

Our partners must be able to show a positive track record of previous work in the field of biodiversity protection, conservation and impact.

⏳ Lasting

The project must be able to demonstrate high levels of permanence beyond its lifetime. This means that after the mission is over, the effect of the work can be seen long into the future.

🔎 Transparent

Transparency is vital to what we do. Projects must be comfortable sharing financial information and embrace an open and transparent mindset so that you can trust your money is going towards something amazing.

💚 Conflict-free

How the project is implemented and run must be free from any kind of conflict. Each project will only have a positive and lasting impact on conservation and the local community.

Once the mission has been selected and passes all the selection criteria above, we can begin to allocate your contributions to make a visible difference — no nonsense, no empty promises, just direct action to fight one of the biggest issues affecting our planet right now.

Will you join us and save the planet?

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