March 4, 2023

Here’s how we’re selecting our projects

Planet Wild was founded to support the most innovative, impactful and ambitious rewilding projects across the globe. Here’s how we select our mission partners.

We speak to a lot of amazing initiatives and carefully look at each project before we select a partner for a new mission. The process starts with desk research, involves many personal calls, and where necessary includes expert counsel from our ever-growing rewilding network.

The variety in subject matter, organization size, age, status, and location of projects make each due diligence process unique so that we can be a true partner, working within the realities of each project and helping them make their case rather than imposing a static bureaucratic framework. However, each project must adhere to these six principles to be selected:

💪 Transformative potential

Our partners must show the transformative potential of a proposed mission, either a) through a standing track record of previous rewilding work, b) by showing the need and competency to replicate successful practices in new regions, or c) by piloting new methodologies that show great promise and will crucially provide learnings for the wider rewilding community.

📈 Measurable impact

Each partner must be able to showcase measurable impact of their work through observational data. Project teams must be able to effectively monitor and evaluate progress over time and compare against pre-established baselines. This could involve gathering environmental or population data or measuring changes in community attitudes and/or behavior.


The positive impact created through each mission must be shown to be additional to what would have been achieved without community funding, to guarantee any funding by our community creates real, tangible change.

⏳ Lasting

Partners must be able to demonstrate that any environmental impact created is geared towards permanent change beyond the lifetime of any particular measure undertaken. This means that even small wins will carry on long into the future.

🔎 Transparent

Partners must be comfortable sharing information on their financial and organizational setup, including founding documents and beneficiary structure. Partners must be able to prove the use of funds.

💚 Conflict-free

Projects must be designed to put local stakeholders at the center of decision-making. We have a strict policy against land grabbing no matter the environmental goals. Any project must be designed to benefit local communities, avoid stirring up group disputes, and mitigate human-wildlife conflict.

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