The membership that
restores the planet.

The membership
that restores
the planet.

One mission at a time.


Monthly rewilding missions

All the damage human activity has done to the world’s ecosystems can be reversed as long as direct action is taken. Join us and save the planet — one mission at a time!

Three impactful categories

We're bringing back endangered species, cleaning up our oceans from plastic, and rewilding entire forests to give them back to nature.

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We're taking action while others are still talking.

On the ground with pioneers

We partner with the most impactful environmental initiatives around the globe to create real impact.

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100% video-documented

Every mission is documented for full transparency of the impact achieved.

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Join us as a
mission supporter

to help our planet to bounce back. The bigger our community grows, the bigger our missions will get.



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Frequently asked questions


What is Planet Wild?


Planet Wild is a Berlin-based startup that is building a global community of people that deeply care about the planet. Every month, we go on missions to bring back endangered species, clean up our oceans from plastic, or return forests to their natural state. As a member you'll be contributing to our missions.


How do you choose projects for your missions?


Our team is constantly looking for promising and impactful conservation initiatives. Once a new project is identified it's then vetted in a multi-step process. All of our projects must meet the highest quality standards and must provide full transparency over how they allocate their funding. You can read more about our selection criteria's here.


How does the membership work?


Through our membership you can participate in our monthly missions as a contributor. Once you've joined, you'll get to vote on how we distribute the funds, and we'll personally give you credit in our mission videos. You'll be notified about new missions that you've contributed to, and you'll collect unique mission badges as a reward. All members also have access to our internal community where we discuss upcoming missions.


How are funds from membership allocated?


91% of the funds are distributed based on the community's vote, and spent in four impact areas: forests, oceans, animals, and awareness. The remaining 9% is our service fee, which we use to fund our operations, the Berlin office, our servers, and other costs we incur.


Who is behind Planet Wild?


Planet Wild is founded by three Berliners: Markus Gilles (sociologist), Jonas Brandau (filmmaker) and Andreas Pursian (programmer). Our goal is to keep the planet liveable for future generations. If you want to get to know us better, reach out or join the conversation on our Discord server.

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