February 11, 2023

Learn more about our threefold impact strategy

The biodiversity crisis is vast, with a lot of overlapping habitats, species and environments—all of which need protection and restoration. We have selected three areas of the natural world for Planet Wild to focus on: oceans, forests and animals.

🐠 Oceans and aquatic life

The ocean’s vast and diverse ecosystems support all life on earth. They provide billions of people with food, medicine, trade, and travel; and are a crucial part of our development and survival. But the world’s biggest ecosystem is consistently under threat: plastic waste, global warming, overfishing, and habitat destruction are having a direct impact on more than just marine life—but on our very survival as a species. Through ocean clean-ups and other initiatives, we are able to make a visible and lasting change to this vital ecosystem.

🌳 Forests and restoring natural landscapes

Forests are the lungs of the Earth and are responsible for producing a significant amount of the oxygen we breathe, while also drawing large amounts of carbon from the air. Forests regulate the water cycle, maintain soil health and are home to 80% of land animals and plants while only covering 31% of the world’s total land area. However, once again human activity is causing chaos to these delicate ecosystems through deforestation, over-exploitation and the introduction of invasive species. We need to act now to protect these crucial habitats.

🦁 Animal protection & reintroduction

It is estimated that half of all species on earth might disappear for good in the next 50 years, and in the past 12 years alone, 467 species have been declared extinct. In fact, we are living through an extinction event that is entirely man-made—and therefore we have to act now to turn the tide. Every animal plays a unique role in their ecosystem, and the loss of even one species can have a ripple effect that impacts several other species, including humans. We are tackling this devastating statistics by rewilding and protecting some of the Earth’s most endangered animals.

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