Mission 11

We’re sending the dog squad on turtle patrol


Sea turtles in Cape Verde are under threat. Even today, they’re being illegally hunted for their meat. In times of hardship, loggerhead turtles were a vital food source for the local community. Nowadays, it has become more of a delicacy. Even though stricter laws have been implemented, there are still enough people paying good money for poached loggerhead meat, which is bad news for the turtles.

The Mission

Our partner organization, Fundação Tartaruga, is on the ground in Cape Verde training dogs to protect loggerhead sea turtles. These dogs learn many important skills, like how to detect suspicious behavior in the dark and how to hunt down turtle poachers by smell. They’re specialized in tracking and catching poachers so they can be handed over to the police.

Thanks to their important work, loggerhead sea turtles can nest safely on Boa Vista’s beaches, and their dwindling population has a chance to recover. Together with the Planet Wild community, we’re funding the training and care of the dog rescue team, as well as the annual salary of their coordinator — all to make Cape Verde’s beaches a safer place for loggerhead sea turtles.

Mission Video


Total invested

Already achieved

Assure continuation of successful conservation method
Vastly lowering likelihood of turtle kills

Ideal outcome

Stable loggerhead population in 25+ years
Establishing anti-poaching paradigm
Conserve marine biodiversity of Cape Verde

Our Partner

Adilson Monteiro Ramos

Fundação Tartaruga

Adilson Monteiro Ramos, the Dog & Drone Team Coordinator, and his team are dedicated to the protection of sea turtles and their habitats in Cape Verde. Adilson joined the team in 2019 after years of experience in the conservation sector. His responsibilities include planning night missions, conducting team exercises, and coordinating meetings with team members as well as local authorities. Additionally, Adilson makes sure that Fundação Tartaruga has a good relationship with local stakeholders such as the National Police.


Turtle Foundation: Program Boa Vista
Mission publish date
January 15, 2024
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