Mission 6

We’re training guerilla wildfire fighters in Sicily


Over the past few years, southern Europe has been scorched by some of the most intense heat waves the continent has ever experienced. Sicily in particular is struggling to cope with the heat, which is fueling the spread of devastating wildfires. Sicily experiences more wildfires than anywhere else in Italy. As a result local fire brigades are spread thin, which allows the fires to grow without intervention. This is why average Sicilians have stepped in to battle in inferno, and where our next mission begins.

The Mission

Wildfires are a natural phenomenon, but the frequency and intensity we see in Sicily is not. We joined a civilian guerilla firefighting group based in the La Moarda mountains who are tackling this issue head on.

Thanks to our Planet Wild members, we were able to support them with protective equipment, training and other tools to fight the wildfires effectively: water pump backpacks, fireproof footwear, and a mobile fire extinguisher unit.

Mission Video


Total invested

Already achieved

Community equipped and trained
First firefighting success in La Moarda

Ideal outcome

Growing network of citizen fire responders
Efficient reduction in wildfire spread
More natural landscapes saved

Our Partner

Hanna, Lorenzo & Peppe

Collettivo Rewild Sicily

We partnered with one of these guerilla firefighting groups from Altofonte in northern Sicily. In 2020, this community experienced first hand the devastation wildfires can cause when a massive fire swept through the area, propelling them to take action. Their civilian expertise range from permaculture, to forestry, ornithology, organic shepherding and eco-management — but they are all united by nature restoration in the La Moarda region which ultimately leads to wildfire prevention. Their goal is to tackle Sicily’s wildfire problem through community support and self-sufficiency, and helping restore the ecosystems that are struggling to recover.


Rewildfires Project Launch Announcement
Mission publish date
August 15, 2023
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